THE BELLS OF BADDECK: The Alexander Graham and Mabel Bell Story

The critically acclaimed 2015 music-drama returns to Baddeck, Cape Breton July 2016!

From kites and flights to schools and libraries, Alexander Graham and Mabel Bell changed the world. Deaf from childhood, Mabel never heard the ring of the telephone nor the roar of the Silver Dart, but she became one of the century’s most influential advocates for women, children, the arts, and science.

Created by Lorna MacDonald and Dean Burry, THE BELLS OF BADDECK tells the story of the great inventor and his wife who came to Cape Breton and fell in love with its people, music, and Gaelic charm.

New this summer – free pre-show talks exploring the family history and background of the story, surtitles for all performances, and three 4pm shows to accommodate those travelling further afield after the performance. Friday, July 8 will be a special benefit performance in support of ending child poverty.