Theatre Baddeck: professional theatre with a distinct Cape Breton flavour! Our 2017 season features three heartwarming comedies from July to September with evening and afternoon performances. Check out the full performance calendar at

Murder at the Inverary Inn by Sam Bobrick & Ron Clark. Location: The Masonic Hall, 24 Queen St. Dates: July 20-August 16.
All is fair in love – and murder – in this 1970s screwball suspense-comedy about a tangled love triangle between a ditzy wife, her car salesman husband, and their buffoon dentist. Set against the backdrop of a hotel room in Baddeck’s historic Inverary Inn, this twisted ode to the fickle nature of love will keep you chuckling as relationships deteriorate, allegiances divide, and schemes escalate in absurdity.

Harvest by Ken Cameron. Location: The Masonic Hall, 24 Queen St. Dates: July 13-August 20.
Charlotte and Allan love their Margaree farm, but it’s time to retire. They move to Sydney and rent their old farmhouse out to someone who seems to be a ‘nice young man.’ But things aren’t always what they seem. Follow this endearing couple, and the dozen characters they also portray, through this hilarious story about the plight of the modern farmer.

The Young Ladies of Baddeck Club. Location: The Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site. Dates: September 8-24.
“We have five weeks! How hard could it be?” Famous last words from Marguerite McLeod who wants to put on a play to celebrate the 1908 incorporation of the village of Baddeck. Marguerite, her contentious daughter Isabel, and two young girls who wouldn’t know a soliloquy from a spinnaker, learn just how hard this task can be.

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